How Parc grew from a small carpet business to a leading janitorial supplier in Leeds

Parc Global started as Paul & Rosie Carpets (Parc), a small family-run business that offered carpet installation services to local customers. Paul and Rosie were passionate about their…

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Woman Sneezing into Tissue

How air purifiers filter allergens and alleviate hay fever symptoms

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means one thing only; hay fever symptoms are on the rise, much to our dismay. With grass trimmers out, trees and flowers…

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Person Carrying Bucket Of Janitorial Supplies

I’m a time-stretched manager, how can I manage my cleaning stocks effectively?

We often take calls from customers requiring urgent washroom deliveries of essential items. With a busy schedule and multiple tasks, it’s easy to lose track of the items…

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Clean And Hygienic Kitchen

How do I keep slip-resistant floors like Altro and Polysafe clean?

Slip-resistant floors are heavily textured by design. They are by far the most effective way of controlling potentially slippery floors in washroom areas and any area where the…

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Janitor Cleaning With Antibacterial Spray And Cloth

How do I implement and manage colour coding in my establishment?

Colour coding is essential in any building to avoid cross-contamination. How do you prevent cleaners from using the same cloth for the washroom and kitchen without a proper…

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Mop And Bucket With Chemical Cleaning Solution

Is it worth spending more on super concentrate chemicals?

With the advent of concentrate cleaning chemicals over the last few years, several different systems have been developed including dosing machines, dosed bottles, tablet formats, dissolving capsules, sachets…

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Man Using MMG Plus Floor Cleaning Machine To Clean Warehouse Floor

Why spend thousands on a floor-cleaning machine?

When we demonstrate floor cleaning equipment, the instant results on the floor are always very impressive. The clean stripes on the floor perfectly demonstrate how much more effective…

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Washroom Paper System In A Washroom

What are the benefits of washroom paper systems over conventional toilet rolls and hand towels?

Conventional systems such as Jumbo, domestic-style toilet rolls, bulk packs etc, typically lack control in the dispenser. Many, particularly Jumbos, can give an inconsistent dispensing experience, so they…

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Sustainable Floor Cleaning Chemicals

What makes our chemical range so sustainable?

The products in our Verto chemical cleaning range are all non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life. Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, they are designed…

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Clean Classroom, Kitchen And Healthcare Collage

Understanding Common Industry Infections and How to Control Them

Germs are everywhere. Most of them are harmless – and usually, our immune systems can fight off the ones that aren’t – but some germs can mutate to…

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Hospital Room With Air Purifier In

5 Tips for Creating the Safest Healthcare Environment

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), 300,000 people are diagnosed with healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in England every year, costing the NHS £1bn annually….

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