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How do I keep slip-resistant floors like Altro and Polysafe clean?

Slip-resistant floors are heavily textured by design. They are by far the most effective way of controlling potentially slippery floors in washroom areas and any area where the floor is likely to become wet, but this efficiency is achieved by the heavy texture on the surface, and it is this heavy texture which also collects dirt.

When viewed under a microscope, the undulations are visible and it’s easy to see why this surface is so difficult to keep clean.

In addition to this heavy texture, these floor surfaces also contain small pieces of carborundum. Whilst being very effective at increasing friction to further reduce slips, this material is also incredibly abrasive and quickly wears away mops and pads, often leaving a residue of fibres on the floor.

To remove the dirt efficiently without wearing through a large volume of consumables, the first requirement is to emulsify the dirt, or in other words, loosen it from the floor so it’s absorbed in the wet solution. If the floor has not previously been cleaned with a floor cleaning machine, it’s likely to be well-engrained and relying on the power of the scrubbing won’t do it. When cleaning a floor with a floor pad or scrubbing brush, much of the abrasive power of the floor cleaning pad or brush will not reach into the small indentations of the floor, so by loosening the dirt with an effective cleaning chemical such as Verto Safety Floor, the resultant slurry can be easily removed using a microfibre pad, mop and bucket, or wet vac.

To ensure the dirt is properly released from the surface, the floor cleaning chemical must be allowed long enough ‘dwell’ time. We recommend leaving the solution on the floor for at least ten minutes, before scrubbing and mopping off the slurry.

Use a suitable scrubber drier to achieve the most effective and fastest results. Even a small investment in a small machine will make a huge difference to the challenge of cleaning slip-resistant floors. For more information on our cleaning machines, view our range here: