Mop And Bucket With Chemical Cleaning Solution

Is it worth spending more on super concentrate chemicals?

With the advent of concentrate cleaning chemicals over the last few years, several different systems have been developed including dosing machines, dosed bottles, tablet formats, dissolving capsules, sachets etc. They’re typically more expensive due to the high concentration of chemicals, but are they worth it?

The main consideration with concentrates is that they are controlled. Concentration without control can become expensive and inefficient, as any wastage is expensive and presents a significant health and safety issue due to the hazard levels of the chemical. When considering concentrates it’s worth considering if your staff can access the surface and floor cleaning concentrates easily- are they likely to dilute it as intended, with a very small amount in a volume of water? And what happens if that bottle or tub is knocked over? That’s a very expensive spill and a very hazardous one.

Concentrates typically have very hazardous warning triangles on them. This can be managed effectively by limiting access to the product, but if the control is limited, it becomes a potentially hazardous process which would be very difficult to develop a satisfactory risk assessment for.

The best systems we’ve found, provide that critical control either via a wall-mounted intelligent dispenser, or sealed bottles with specialist closures which can’t be removed. When dosed properly, cleaning concentrates offer a very safe and extremely cost-effective way of dealing with cleaning chemicals. But if you don’t choose the right system, it could become challenging to manage economically and safely.