Creating standards for the future to improve the present

Although we have already implemented and improved many environmental practices in line with ISO 14001, we review our business and logistical operations frequently to ensure we sustain our company and our valued partners for the long term. We are accountable at every stage of our business strategy and actively encourage awareness about our environmental practices throughout every department and level of our business. To help us grow our performance standards, we regularly monitor environmentally-focused Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for staff and suppliers.

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Facilitating change at every level

Reducing, reusing and recycling at a rate of 96%

Recycling is a fundamental practice for saving our planet, and we are incredibly proud to have achieved a recycling rate of 96% through existing schemes. On top of this, we are also on track to reduce our waste-to-landfill output by 10% year on year, achieving a huge reduction in our carbon emissions.

We embrace many initiatives aimed at improving sustainability in any way. A great example of a very short chain recycling process is the collection of our waste plastic packaging materials. All pallet wrap and other suitable plastic materials used at Parc are streamed and sent for processing by a UK-based refuse sack manufacturer. After processing, the refuse sacks created are returned, and many of the refuse sacks we supply to our customers are manufactured using waste created through our own warehousing activities.

To ensure we source products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers, we apply sustainable procurement and actively check environmental credentials in line with Government Supply Chain Policies.

Future initiatives will explore carbon offsetting schemes and tree planting.

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Supporting our NHS today, tomorrow and in the future

The NHS aim to be the world’s first net-zero national health service, and we’ll be right beside them to support that goal. Our company work alongside the NHS to develop clear carbon reduction strategies through the initiatives we already utilise and include the following:

Setting targets

Create measurable and achievable targets that directly impact the NHS goal of net-zero, including reducing packaging, emissions and generating our own net-zero targets.

Sharing action

We work with our supply chain to inspire and advocate waste reductions.

Cascading action

Following the agreement of targets, we cascade any actions throughout the organisation, supply chain, customers and communities to raise awareness and achieve measurable results.

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