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How air purifiers filter allergens and alleviate hay fever symptoms

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means one thing only; hay fever symptoms are on the rise, much to our dismay.

With grass trimmers out, trees and flowers blooming, and pollinators spreading the fine pollen powder, it is no surprise when our eyes start to water. Hay fever season has well and truly begun, with the pollen count only continuing to rise.

Up to one in five of us suffer from hay fever in the UK, experiencing unpleasant symptoms often misconceived as the common cold, from runny noses to sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and more.

So what can be done to reduce hay fever’s impact on many of our lives during the spring and summer months? That’s where Parc Medi Air Purifiers come into play.


Can an air purifier reduce hay fever symptoms?

For many of us, hay fever means stocking up on antihistamines with the hope our symptoms will ease, but in most instances, they fail to take the edge off or only provide temporary relief and often require frequent top-ups throughout the day.

It’s often presumed that escaping into the safety of the indoors during hay fever season can reduce the allergens in the air. However, pollen particles can travel far and wide, attaching themselves to household items and causing your seasonal allergies to act up.

Pairing hay fever tablets with an air purifier can provide comfort to hay fever sufferers in hospital, school, or office settings by filtering allergens, helping to reduce flare-ups, and allowing you to work or learn in a pollen-free environment.

Air purifiers help to filter allergens by pulling air in through the fan and passing it through ultra-efficient filters before recirculating it back into the environment. The filter cleanses the air by trapping and removing airborne particles and viruses, such as pollen, before emitting the purified air.

Which is the best air purifier for hay fever?

Air purifiers are not always designed to tackle allergens, but at Parc Global, our Parc Medi range has been developed to eliminate viruses and bacteria and prevent airborne allergies, infections and sickness through advanced HEPA filtration using a high-efficiency particulate air filter coupled with UltraViolet Light sterilisation treatment of the air. This filtration system has been proven to remove at least 99.95% of the impurities and particles in the air.

At Parc Global, we have four air purifiers designed to alleviate allergies caused by airborne particles and viruses, and specifically proven to tackle pollen and soothe hay fever symptoms:

ParcMed Medi8 UV-C Air Purifier

Our ParcMed Medi8 UV-C Air Purifier has a 5-stage filtration system, including the G3 filter, the HEPA13 filter, the carbon filter and the UV-C steriliser, purifying up to 99.999% of particles.

ParcMed Medi6e UV-C Air Purifier

Our ParcMed Medi6e UV-C Air Purifier has been designed with HEPA Carbon filters and UVC intelligent sensors, smart function and remote control.

ParcMed Medi5 UV-C Air Purifier

Our intelligent ParcMed Medi5 UV-C Air Purifier is 99.999% effective in purifying air particles and eliminating allergens.

ParcMed Medi4e UV-C Air Purifier

Our ParcMed Medi4e UV-C Air Purifier is a powerful unit with HEPA & Gold Carbon Filters, UVC and an array of additional features.


Don’t let hay fever consume your summer

Summer doesn’t have to be spent tackling the dreaded hay fever symptoms. By implementing an air purifier into your commercial space, you help create an allergen-free zone allowing individuals to achieve their daily tasks comfortably.

For more information on air purifiers to relieve hay fever, contact our experts today.