The Parc process explained

We’ve developed our process over many years using environmental awareness and innovation. As a result, our team regularly discovers new ways to support educational, healthcare and commercial sectors where premium cleaning products and services are a must. Parc will manage your requirements so that you don’t have to. From multi-site distribution for food industry giants to supplying hospital cleaning teams, Parc is prepared to meet any challenge head-on to support your organisation and your people.

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We build reliable and long-term relationships with manufacturers and key supply chain members to guarantee that we always have access to the best products in the industry.

Through ongoing assessment of industry trends, societal developments and engagement with professionals in our target sectors, we know which products to stock and how to procure equipment that will future-proof our brand and yours.

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The range of product options within our industry is vast, and we understand the challenge of ensuring you are using the best processes and product selection to achieve the ultimate result. Through careful and intelligent questioning, we will work with you to ensure you choose the best methods and product selection for your application.

After all, simply spending more doesn’t always achieve more, but a careful assessment of your operations can yield significant results in producing better facilities — often at a lower cost.

As we discuss your facilities management challenges, we’ll help you to think outside of the box and ask some thought-provoking questions:

  • What are you doing that could be done better or more efficiently?
  • Are there things your team does for no other reason than because that’s what they’ve always done?

Often we find that we can make quick and simple changes that can have a dramatic impact, solving a problem you never knew you had!

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Once we receive your order, we’ll take full responsibility for delivering goods to your site – on time and to the correct door! Our operations team are passionate about customer satisfaction, and we enjoy going the extra mile to provide a level of service that is more than you expected. We understand the challenges of delivering to customers’ sites, supplying to unattended sites, high-security sites, sites with multiple delivery locations, and we have detailed processes for ensuring we get it right.

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On-site stock control

For busy managers in large facilities, managing stock can be an extra task you could do without. Running out of critical consumables such as PPE or toilet tissue is the last thing you need to hear about during a busy day.

Using our specialist on-site stock control service, we will manage your stock levels for you. Once you’ve set the maximum and minimum stock level parameters, you can leave the rest to us. With our services in place, you get on with what you need to do, knowing that your consumables supply is being managed effectively.