Man Using MMG Plus Floor Cleaning Machine To Clean Warehouse Floor

Why spend thousands on a floor-cleaning machine?

When we demonstrate floor cleaning equipment, the instant results on the floor are always very impressive. The clean stripes on the floor perfectly demonstrate how much more effective the floor cleaning machine is against a mop and bucket.

But what’s even more impressive is how fast we can achieve that clean, with such a small number of consumables and effort compared to using a more traditional style mop and bucket.

The solution in a mop and bucket is often diluted with insufficient water, resulting in a solution which is very difficult to rinse from the floor. Whilst the mop will always clean some dirt, it will also leave a lot of dirt on the floor, as well as a lot of detergent.

The dried detergent solution leaves a sticky residue which attracts dirt, and the floor gets dirtier quicker. This results in a vicious circle of more detergent, more dirt, more detergent and so on!

This creates a constant challenge where the cleaner is spending much of his or her allocated hours trying to keep the floor clean, with demoralising results despite their best efforts.

This time spent is also a massive hidden cost in many maintenance programmes, and by introducing a floor cleaning machine to do the work, you can significantly reduce the hours required, or allocate the spare time to other important cleaning tasks.