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Cleaning contractors

We can’t exaggerate your estimates or handle your overheads, but we can help you provide a 5-star cleaning service to all of your clients. Parc supplies some of the best products in the industry when and where you need them to help you face cleaning challenges head-on. Attract unique clientele, equip your employees and exceed expectations with innovative cleaning solutions from Parc.

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Facilities management

Top-quality facilities management is key to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment that people can trust. High levels of hygiene and sanitation fulfilment ensure the needs of your people are met time and time again. Organising all aspects of facilities management is no easy task, so Parc is available to streamline your processes, supply must-have innovation and protect your business integrity.

Food Production Factory Packaging Section

Food industry and food manufacturing

Disinfected surfaces and equipment in food environments prevent the transmission and spread of food-poisoning bacteria and allergens. Regular cleaning will also prevent pests, create a pleasant working environment and reduce the risk of injury from spillages and food debris. Keeping kitchens and manufacturing lines clean can be hard, but the Parc range helps to make even the most arduous jobs simple.

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A clean classroom creates a better learning environment. The safety of students and staff is paramount, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels across all areas of educational environments will boost morale, staff happiness and health levels. Hygiene products and facilities management services from Parc can help prevent communicable diseases and can even boost educational success.

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