Established in the 1890s by the educational pioneers of Independent Schools, our client is one of the most prestigious schools in the region, offering world-class education to students from around the world.

With several buildings over a 22-acre site, there is great diversity in the architectural style and finishes in place. This range of site facilities and specifications gives the site services manager a busy programme to maintain and clean to the exacting standards that the College upholds.

Faced with spiralling costs and wastage with their hand towels, toilet tissues and hand soap, the College partnered with Parc to bring about change. After assessing the systems in use, Parc recommended and subsequently installed a new washroom system with several hundred hand sanitiser dispensers throughout all the buildings.

The results were a resounding success, resulting in a considerable improvement in efficiency due to the new wall-mounted hand dispensers that are simple to load, maintain and use. In addition to the efficiency benefits, the College is now spending around 20% less on their washroom products than previously.

“Parc Supplies were really helpful and definitely knew how to help us,” said the site services manager. “After a thorough review of our situation and drilling down into the detail of how we were operating, they recommended one of their systems which they then installed for us. The results have been amazing as we’re spending a lot less than we were and don’t get any of the problems we used to have. Parc have been great to work with and give a very good service all round. Would definitely recommend!”

The savings have been so positive that the College has utilised Parc Supplies efficiency management even further. Capitalising on Parc’s motto of More Clean: Less Time, Parc strived to achieve a better standard of cleaning in fewer hours. Through reviewing existing processes, Parc suggested installing battery-powered floor cleaning equipment. Whilst relatively low cost to implement, the efficiency achieved has been tremendous.

Management said, “The floor machinery has been a huge improvement. It was a great suggestion, and Parc came and trained the team to ensure we got the maximum benefit. My staff can now clean the same areas in much less time, and the floors are a lot cleaner than we ever achieved with a mop and bucket.”

The College is now looking to invest more savings in additional equipment in a drive to constantly improve standards whilst continuing to keep close control of the budget.

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