Parc has been supplying the NHS Trust for more than twenty years. The Trust has been a long-standing user of the SC Johnson Deb range of hand wash and hand sanitiser products throughout their hospitals.

As the pandemic worsened and consequent supply issues developed, SC Johnson (like many other manufacturers) became overwhelmed with the volume of demand; this coincided with logistical and distribution challenges faced by NHS Logistics, which was being provided with additional support from the armed forces.

Due to the scarcity of products and the shift in distribution patterns, the NHS Trust found themselves at risk of depleting their reserves of these critical product lines. In response to these concerns, the Trust approached Parc to see if there was anything we could do to procure these key items at very short notice.

We immediately began working on the task. Thanks to a strong working relationship with SC Johnson, founded over many years of strong trading, we formulated a plan to keep the hospitals supplied.

As SC Johnson was prioritising hospitals and care homes at the time, they needed to work with a trustworthy partner that could guarantee any supplies provided were delivered exclusively to the hospitals as intended.

Through working closely with the NHS Trust and SC Johnson, we provided a consistent supply of essential sanitation and professional cleaning supplies throughout the whole Trust.

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