Following the widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in early 2020, the demand for items in our product range experienced a global surge. This demand predominantly included face masks, nitrile gloves, aprons, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.

In response to this surge in demand from our subscribers and customers, Parc quickly sent out regular bulletins containing comprehensive details about our immediately available stocks. We also offered support in sourcing and distributing critical items over the forthcoming months.

A large hospital trust in the North of England reached out to discuss their urgent need for an ongoing and reliable supply of high-quality and certified type IIR masks, nitrile gloves and aprons.

Through working closely with their procurement and infection control teams, we commenced immediate weekly distribution throughout the region from April 2020 of effective masks, nitrile gloves and gowns to satisfy the demand of the Trust.

By applying our strict internal quality assurance procedures and our many years of combined team experience, we delivered high-quality, fully-certified products on time every time. In addition, our work with the NHS Trust and the level of service they received helped Parc achieve the runner up position for the 2021 prestigious NHS Procurement HCSA award.

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