The new innovative cleaning solution


Concentrating the performance of a scrubbing machine in just a few centimetres, increasing hygiene level on small surfaces and reducing work times.

  • Perform accurate 360° cleaning
  • 10% higher productivity compared to traditional scrubbing machines
  • User-friendly soft touch control panel
  • Centre of mass directly above brushes, providing excellent brush pressure
  • Easy to move around multiple obstacles
  • Simple to fill, use and empty
  • High capacity 22L tank

With a range of simple features, the MY16 is a well-designed machine, capable of cleaning corridors, classrooms, wards and warehouses with ease. Its unique upright design gives it a very small footprint but gives no compromise on capacity. With a 22L tank, the MY16 can cope with large areas as well as being easy to move around multiple obstacles.

Simple controls and a gel battery make this machine a very popular traditional style unit with a modern twist. Its simple-to-use design is immediately apparent, and the recovery tank is especially accessible, ensuring it can be cleaned out easily after every shift to prevent the build-up of dirt and bad odours in the machine.

Available to hire or buy from Parc Global. Call our team on 0113 220 4080 or click here to email to us directly.

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