MMG Plus
The advanced scrubbing machine


Utilising the latest technology, the MMG is packed with great features to assist the user in performing their task faster and safer than ever before.

  • Best for cleaning large floor areas
  • It’s versatile, able to work in any environment and in any conditions
  • Reversing cameras, front and rear lights
  • Automatic actuator to drop and lift the squeegee and brushes
  • Adjustable brush pressure, water output and suction strength
  • Ergonomic forms optimised for maximised operator comfort

The MMG is an advanced scrubbing machine which makes cleaning large floor areas fast, efficient and simple.

The automatic actuator to drop and lift the squeegee and brushes enables the user to simply drive off and start cleaning. With reversing camera, front and rear lights, onboard video tutorials and much more, it’s guaranteed to improve the performance of your team.

With the added benefit of Zone setting, you can also adjust brush pressure up to a massive 100kg, water output, suction strength and drive speed depending on the Zone you’re operating in. So ‘Shop floor’ could have slower speeds and quieter suction than ‘Goods bay’. The options are endless to achieve the ultimate clean in the shortest time anywhere on your site.

Available to hire or buy from Parc Global. Call our team on 0113 220 4080 or click here to email to us directly.

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