GMG is a scrubbing machine designed to exceed your expectations in the most demanding industries. The two versions of GMG – with disc brushes or cylindrical brushes – are available in Pro and Plus configurations, and can be equipped with additional accessories to meet your own specific needs.

Increase productivity by cleaning with greater power and 30% faster than a conventional model of the same category.

Increase productivity by cleaning ramps with slopes up to 20% on duty at full load.

Increase productivity with the possibility to install batteries of different technologies, from lead acid batteries to advanced lithium-ion ones, which provide up to 10 hours of run time on a single charge.

Reduce the time required for U-turns within logistics centres aisles, by changing direction in one smooth manoeuvre.

Increase operator productivity with enhanced control over tasks provided by the touchscreen display and the rearview camera.

Increased operator productivity, providing up to 9 preset cleaning programs according to different applications.

Save on operating costs, with the low maintenance required by brushless motors.

Reduce operator training with onboard video tutorials which show how to perform common operation and maintenance activities.

Increase uptime with easy and intuitive access to key features through the iD – Intelligent Drive system.

Enhance control over cleaning results with pre-set work programs and supervisor controls that ensure proper machine setting and use by the operator.

Reduce service time and cost with the fully accessible design that enables easy and quick servicing.

Reduce the use of resources, and save water, chemicals and energy thanks to the GMG’s sustainable technologies.

Reduce the environmental impact with constant control of the CO2 produced.

It is designed for large environments where high cleaning performance and high productivity are required, such as large logistics centres, warehouses, parking lots, train stations, airports and shopping malls.

Available to hire or buy from Parc Global. Call our team on 0113 220 4080 or click here to email to us directly.

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