Genie XS
The smallest machine in our range


Leaves floors dry and safe to walk on. Safer cleaning with the Genie XS!

  • Scrubs and dries in a single pass
  • Perfect for washroom or kitchen areas
  • Capable of cleaning where most machines can’t
  • Batteries can be recharged at any point during its battery cycle
  • Charge up to 80% battery in just 1 hour
  • Forward and backwards cleaning
  • Small and lightweight, you can take it wherever you need it
  • Can be stored anywhere, even in the smallest closet

Its very compact design means it can easily clean around and under chairs, tables, bars and basins. The Genie XS will clean faster and more effectively than a mop and bucket, whilst taking up about the same amount of space in the cleaner’s cupboard!

With one simple movement, the squeegee moves to the front of the machine, meaning that the operator can then walk backwards and clean just as effectively as moving forwards. This is perfect for cleaning in very restricted spaces such as toilet cubicles and underneath tables.

When in storage mode, the handle is raised, and the machine stands on its end, giving it a smaller footprint than most mop buckets. So, with the reduction in cleaning consumables and achieving better results in less time, the Genie XS is a no-brainer for anyone currently using traditional mops in small areas.

Available to hire or buy from Parc Global. Call our team on 0113 220 4080 or click here to email to us directly.

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